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Fringes, typical trimming decorations, run through the history of humanity, flourishing and reinventing themselves over the epochs as a banner of ideals and values of wide-ranging styles, philosophies and movements.

MANIFATTURA MODENESE reinterprets its rebirth, plays with colours, shapes, yarns and fabrics to create new expressions of fashion and the desire for beauty.

You can embellish your clothing and garments with unique and original details. You can find twisted,  printed, ringed, black, gold and many other types of fringes  in our catalogue. Do not hesitate to contact our company to customise your fabrics with precious details, to request information, cost per meter and everything you need to create your finished product.


Shapes | Lines | Colours

Shapes, colours, fabrics and processes can be combined in many ways to give life to fringes with a light and sober or decisive, impetuous, vigorous and energetic look.

Among the MANIFATTURA MODENESE proposals you will be able to express the character you wish to communicate through your clothes in a simple and immediate manner.

These are our proposals regarding the possible types of fringes:

  • Twists, cast off
  • Shaded
  • Prints
  • Rings
  • With fret design
  • Tufted fringes
  • Cotton fringes
  • Irregular cut fringes
  • Elasticated fringes



MANIFATTURA MODENESE interprets the seasons by creating fringes with different fabrics and processes and thus creating two rich and defined collections.



You will be able to discover the fabrics and yarns used for the autumn/winter and spring/summer collections by following the link.


History and Styles | The thoroughly modern Fringe Style 

The revived and very current Fringe Trend reveals the use of fringes on a wide variety of items of clothing, including outerwear, swimwear, trousers, shirts, bags and boots. Significant expression of the most variable eras of human history, the fringes bring with them a cultural heritage and a succession of fascinating artistic, philosophical and political expressions. Expressive force of change and different values appear in fashion today, retracing all the facets of their history.

We can find them in the cowboy style typical of West America at the time of the Far West, later taken up by the hippie movement from the 1960s/1970s as a symbol of freedom and independence. Fringes are also a manifestation of the refined and sensual age of the 1920s where Charleston dresses were the focal points of ballrooms and elegant events.

Fringes are today the casual chic protagonists of the fashion world. A must that all large distributors and shrewd stylists need to include in their catalogues.


Cascades of Fringes

The applications of these forms of trimmings are endless and very versatile. You can apply them to elegant and refined clothing or to casual garments. They embellish, decorate and enrich swimwear, outerwear, jackets, cardigans, knitwear, trousers, skirts, blouses, t-shirts, bags, boots and shoes. There is no limit to the imagination when it comes to creating original solutions.

MANIFATTURA MODENESE will make it possible and easy for you to add this chic touch to your clothing lines by producing personalised and tailored trimmings on your behalf. For information, details or clarifications, please contact us or browse our online catalogue.