Our commitment to managing the Coronavirus emergency

MANIFATTURA MODENESE has decided to make its contribution in the management of the COVID-19 emergency dedicating itself to the production and distribution of items that can be useful to prevent infection. We have therefore increased the production of elastic cord for surgical masks and for disposable face shields. 

We produce, on request and for third parties, round, flat elastic cord in the size and length commissioned. The production and creation of these products will take priority over standard orders in order to process your requests as quickly as possible and to fight against the current health emergency.

For information, prices, quotes, delivery times, clarifications on models, materials and quantities, please contact us or fill out the form.

MANIFATTURA MODENESE will be at your side in the fight against Coronavirus.


Characteristics of the elastics for masks

Different types of protective masks, surgical, FFP1, FFP2, FFP3 and also simple disposable or washable face shields are available on the market. Each of these devices needs a support that can keep them on the nose and mouth without causing pain and discomfort due to prolonged wearing.

This is why we have set out to produce soft, light and resistant elastics that can complement disposable but also washable masks and allow the end user to protect themselves and others in the most comfortable and functional way possible.

The elastic cord for masks can be:

  • Flat
  • Round/tubular

Based on the needs and preference of the manufacturer, both items with different lengths, thicknesses and sizes can be requested as agreed.

For information, clarifications and to be able to use our services, do not hesitate to contact our company.


Why does the production material make a difference?

With the opening of PHASE 2 of the management of the COVID-19 health emergency it is necessary that every individual adopts safe behaviours by implementing all the necessary provisions to make the environment we live in a safer place. This will involve the use of protective masks. Having to use a mask for long periods, wearing it constantly, especially for many hours a day in the workplace, the discomfort of the device could be particularly unpleasant. Using soft drawstrings, made of good quality materials, with smooth, linear textures could make the wearing of PPE much more comfortable.

We therefore recommend that you make masks with comfortable rubber bands. For specific information about our production possibilities and the types of products available, do not hesitate to contact us. MANIFATTURA MODENESE is actively engaged in the production of elastic cords for surgical masks for third parties.  Contact us for price details.