Made in Italy handcrafted trimmings

Three generations of strips, laces, edges with beads and sequins, tassels, pom-poms, ribbons, cords, fringes and profiles intended to embellish, enrich and decorate clothes and products in the fashion world.

MANIFATTURA MODENESE was set up in Rovereto sul Secchia in the province of Modena where the highest-level trimmings are conceived, designed and produced to give life to the Made in Italy concept on the garments of the greatest national and international stylists. The production of custom trimmings starts from the vision, the design and often also from the customer’s yarns. This is what makes our company unique. If you are interested in using our creations as decorative elements for your garments, feel free to contact us and to show us your ideas, projects and thoughts.  We will be pleased to design the decisive touch for tour items.


The intertwining of threads, of techniques and of lives…

Anna, Gino, Iorio: historical knowledge, manual skill, expert hands, meticulous, precise, accurate and determined work. Originally it was these three people and many meters of worked and woven thread that created the enterprise of Manifattura Modenese. 

Sara, Nicola: electronic technology, innovation, freshness, resourcefulness, communication and marketing strategies. They quickly brought about changes in the company in terms of production and image. 

This is how MANIFATTURA MODENESE grew rapidly from the solid interweaving of craftsmanship and innovation and made its way into the world and into foreign markets as an expression of entirely Made in Italy quality and prestige.


Fashion Industry

Small, special works of art are created from the manual skills and thinking of great artists such as those who work every day at the company of MANIFATTURA MODENESE.

Thanks to the team spirit and the intertwining of personalities, skills, desires, dreams and expectations are created what will be the decorative and ornamental elements of clothing for women, men, children, high fashion creations but also of the design elements for furnishing accessories, upholstery, curtains and drapes, carpets and much more.

MANIFATTURA MODENESE is ideal for anyone seeking to add, finish, embellish, grace and complete clothing with a decisive touch. We create edges, profiles, braids, cords, flowers, pom-poms, tassels, strips and ribbons, personalised and made-to-measure trimmings according to your needs and expectations. We can enrich our products with sequins, feathers, pearls, fringes, beads and with whatever you wish to experiment. We welcome the opportunity to create original, special and particular works with you.

Don’t hesitate, our company is ready to welcome all your ideas. For information, to request assistance or advice, submit your projects.  Contact us by filling out the form. Our company is located in Rovereto sul Secchia in the province of Modena but we work with the largest fashion houses on the national and international scene, also weaving with them stories of art, culture, innovation and beauty.