Flowers that enchant and decorate

MANIFATTURA MODENESE inspired by the timeless beauty of the natural shape of flowers, has created a wide range of floral proposals for high quality trimmings. The FLOWERS are reproduced in decorative finishing edges but also in pendants in lace, chiffon, organza, tulle and open-work trimmings. We invite you to explore our online catalogue to show you how much we already have in store without wanting to limit you in the possibility of creating your own personalised flowers. Our company deals with wholesalers and retailers in all forms of trimmings. We can produce on behalf of third parties for small, medium and large quantities. Our company is at your disposal to create and implement new, original and customised projects.

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A touch of class to finish the edges and enrich clothing

Graceful, delicate, fine, noble, polite, chic and elegant: flowers are one of the most widely used natural features for countless applications in the fashion industry and beyond.

A graceful figure that embellishes, refines and decorates any creation.

MANIFATTURA MODENESE proposes its creations of trimmings, applying it to edges and hems in a wide variety of forms.

You can find macramé lace flowers in relief, openwork, interwoven, coloured or black and white, embroidered on the profile or applied later. Made of tulle, chiffon, satin, organza, they will represent the perfect finish for your garments.

Moving pendants and beautiful details

MANIFATTURA MODENESE in addition to the classic floral edge also creates hanging solutions by producing actual jewels of art and creativity. Hanging flowers can perform the same functions as tassels and pom-poms but with a decidedly more complex and sophisticated character. Small and large flowers will stand out on your garments.

From the simplest shapes made from the same material to the more complex figures created from the combination of different fabrics and yarns, combined with decorative trimmings, to sequins, rhinestones, beads, pearls, stones and feathers, they will create a decidedly exciting final effect and will stand out on the host fabric.

A search for movement and grace has led us to create small masterpieces of entirely made in line with Italian craftsmanship standards. We invite you to discover our flowers and all the other trimmings in the online catalogue.


Shapes | Lines | Colours

Colours, shapes and materials are the elements that combine to create a finished handmade product.  To do so, flowers offer endless possibilities. Please contact us to develop with us the design you would like to give to your decorative flowers.

  • Flowers with feathers
  • Faux leather flowers
  • Raffia flowers
  • Lapin flowers

MANIFATTURA MODENESE is a company involved in the production of bespoke trimmings and third parties. We produce original pieces in small and large quantities for manufacturers of large-scale distribution and for the most important Italian and international fashion boutiques. To request information, for further queries, to design with us or for quotes and assistance, please contact us.