Chanel edges

The edges of Chanel-style elegance

The edges of Chanel-style elegance

“I really care about women and I wanted to dress them in clothes that made them feel comfortable but that still emphasise femininity.” Coco Chanel 

The intention of the now 71-year-old Chanel was that of dressing women elegantly without depriving them of freedom of movement and independence, a new spirit that was emerging in the post-war female world. From this desire comes the timeless and always up-to-date Chanel Jacket.

To define it, to enhance its soft and refined lines are the EDGES that outline the shapes, embellish the sleeves and neck and give completeness and refinement to the most sought after and popular garment in women’s wardrobes.

MANIFATTURA MODENESE offers its customers a wide range of edges, strips, fringes and decorative details suitable for casual garments and refined details for high fashion garments. A precious trimming to adorn jackets, trousers, skirts, outerwear and much more. Our company deals with wholesale production but also with making a few and highly selected trimming elements for entirely Made in Italy high-level production. For information, clarifications or quotes, please contact us or explore our online catalogue.


Feminine freedom and elegance of details: the edges that make the difference

Chanel’s ideal was to set women free in their renewed and redefined independence without compromising on comfort and sensuality. That is how the creation of timeless Chanel jacket came about. To embellish this essential and timeless garment is the attention to detail: the edges define the soft lines of the jacket, highlight its boundaries and redesign the contours, giving a refined look to a garment with incredibly effective simplicity.

The edges move to clearly enclose the neck, sleeve cuffs and front opening of the jacket, suggesting that they can widen to make room for a blouse, a t-shirt, a top or a dress. In the same way that a curtain opens to reveal its own stage, the Chanel edges frame the curtain of the female figure and the soft contours of her outfit.


Shapes | Lines | Colours

MANIFATTURA MODENESE can offer you Chanel-style edges of many types. You tell us about your needs and the design you wish to give to your clothes after which our company will create unique and beautiful trimmings. You can combine them with your garments to embellish their image and also the final result.

Our proposals include:

  • Edges with sequins
  • Edges with chains
  • Braided edges
  • Faux leather edges
  • Multicolour
  • Lapin edges
  • Edges with feathers


Choosing materials, shapes, designs, fabrics and threads and combining them gives us the opportunity to create new collections for each season. By exploring these sections you will be able to choose the combinations that will best suit the creation of your product.




Audacity | Elegance | Refinement

The Chanel edges highlight the strong character of women and highlight their sensuality. They describe the essential elegance of the details in a casual or sophisticated style. They remain the decorative element of a high fashion garment, an icon of femininity and timeless distinction of style and refinement.

By entrusting the creation of your edges, strips, fringes and any other form of trimmings to MANIFATTURA MODENESE, you will choose to use a competent, precise company with the highest quality products. We invite you to fill in the form or contact us for information and prices. To view our online catalogue, enter this section.