Trimmings worked for high fashion

The particular processes of modern and ancient trimmings include decorative hems, inlays and ribbons such as the girotto. Finely worked and woven, together with the alternative decorative solutions for garments such as tassels, edges, cords, fringes and braids, it represents a golden opportunity for anyone looking for components to embellish and enrich everyday clothing but also and above all high fashion works.

MANIFATTURA MODENESE is totally committed to the research of materials, yarns and designs to create high quality trimmings to satisfy the requests of the most demanding fashion houses, stylists, seamstresses and interior designers. We are manufacturers and distributors of customised trimmings, on behalf of third parties and made to measure, to finish and complete women’s, children’s and men’s clothes. For information or to request quotes or prices on our services, please contact us. If you wish to explore our creations, we invite you to consult our online catalogue.


Finely worked edges and ribbons 

Our proposals are endless and rely on your creativity. Feel free to ask for the edges and ribbons you have in mind. We will satisfy your most demanding needs.

Girotti are particular edges made through weaving the yarn according to particular descriptive wefts. They are suitable for decorating and finishing edges, cuffs, collars of rustic, casual and everyday garments but also for elegant, sophisticated garments. They enhance and complete high fashion clothing with simplicity and for special occasions but also the outfits and sweaters for children and teenagers.

Exploring the colours, designs and yarns of our girotti, you will also find gallon edges, ribbons enriched with sequins and beads and elastic solutions.

Shapes | Lines | Colours

Our rich sample collection includes many possibilities from one-colour, multicolour solutions to precious edges interwoven with decorated, elastic bands, enriched with rhinestones, beads and much more. Among the solutions available in the online catalogue you will find:

  • Leather girotti
  • Cotton girotti
  • Multicolour girotti

We invite you to explore the catalogue to check our availability. Can’t find anything to suit your idea? Contact us, our team will be able to design the trimmings you are looking for with and for you. We can produce it in small quantities or make it on a large scale.



We can also produce according to different yarns for the ribbon trimmings, the edges,  the ribbons and therefore the girotti. The choice of yarn leads to classification of the product according to the collections we have devised:



MANIFATTURA MODENESE is at your service to create decorative trimmings for you to finish, complete and adorn your garments whether they are casual and country style or of the highest quality and refinement. For information or clarifications, to submit ideas, drawings or projects, do not hesitate to contact us.