Flexibility in movement, freedom to adapt

Simple elastics, fringes, edges, decorative profiles, sequin hems, rhinestones, ribbons and elastic stitch solutions are essential for those who are used to working with flexible, slippery fabrics and with many items of clothing where elasticity is essential to be able to adapt the garment to the body without having to use further closures or applications. A compliant edge, which yields to the stress of the force exerted on the fabric, is the best solution that can be adopted on many occasions. Elastic doesn’t mean simple, humble or even low quality.

MANIFATTURA MODENESE proposes high fashion solutions suitable to be applied to elegant and sophisticated clothing as well as ideas and projects for the most demanding buyers. Our company is committed to the production of elasticised trimmings for third parties and retail. To request information, clarifications or specifications, quotes and cost by the meter or simply for assistance, consultancy or design do not hesitate to contact our company.


Elasticised trimmings: the idea that saves the day

The elastic trimming has the characteristic advantage of being able to adapt to the fabric on which it is located guaranteeing its resistance even in the presence of external stresses. The elastic, in fact, under the stress exerted by its extension, adapts and tends to widen, avoiding tears and breakages. This feature makes it suitable for the conditions in which the fabric must often be stressed, such as in children’s clothes, in the belts of sports and casual clothes but also in the presence of stretch fabrics such as jersey, jersey, Lycra, synthetics, technical fabrics and many others.

Shapes | Lines | Colours

A glamorous and fashion touch to the elastic applications. At our company, in fact, you can find a wide range of stretch trimmings of all kinds:  modern, vintage, casual and high fashion, special and original or simple and delicate, enriched with rhinestones, beads, pearls, flowers and stones, braided or smooth. You may be surprised visiting our online catalogue. Our proposals come:

  • With sequins
  • In cotton
  • In lamé
  • In Tripolino yarn
  • Multicolour

If what you need is an elastic edge with an application, a detail, a motif or a particular weave of which you have quite clear ideas, do not hesitate to submit your project to us. We will produce it for you, guaranteeing the best Italian quality ever.


The elastic trimmings that satisfy every request

MANIFATTURA MODENESE a consolidated, expert company with time-honoured experience, designs and manufactures elastic trimmings for third parties and beyond. It is an important reference for many enterprises both nationally and internationally, offering punctual, precise services, attention to detail and efficiency. We are dedicated to satisfying the requests and needs of stylists, haute couture houses, large-scale distribution in the fashion sector and beyond. Please contact us via the form to receive information on production, cost per meter, product specifications or to visit our online catalogue.