Trimmings with a fur effect

The FUR STITCH is a crochet technique to join many crochet button holes together to create a soft fur effect. Often used in creative sewing, it is a valid decorative technique for elegant clothing trims, particular fashionable clothes, objects and creative sewing creations such as dolls and stuffed animals. We have included it among the possible solutions for edges and trimmings, leaving it to be interpreted by stylists, manufacturers of the fashion sector and hobbyists who wish to use it as a decorative element of their products.

MANIFATTURA MODENESE deals with the production and supply of trimmings for tailor-made and personalised clothes. Our company is engaged in wholesale and retail sale, being able to create productions in small and large quantities. Please contact our company for information, clarifications, to request prices and quotes and to be assisted along the entire process of creating your bespoke pieces.


Collars, scarves, cuffs, hats, edges and much more…

The fur stitch is a hem used for the decoration of collars, scarves but also the edge of coats, sweaters and trousers. Its use also on the inner surface of the garment as an ornamental insert is also possible. The button-hole bending of the thread creates a smooth and uniform movement of the lines in its complexity, visually replicating the voluminous effect of the fur. If for your next project you are looking to create a particular and original effect and the classic edging strip does not meet your expectations, then you could try the fur stitch.

In its widest and most possible range of colours, it gives a warm and soft look to the garment. It is also used in the field of creative sewing as a substitute for fur and fur for teddy bears, dolls and stuffed animals.


Elegant, mysterious, wild

What can you expect from the fur stitch? Classic knitting that includes the fur stitch can have multiple personalities based on the volume and number of cycles performed, the number of holes, thickness, diameter and proximity to each other. The colour then plays an essential aspect in determining its character as well as the material chosen for its creation.

A simple overlap of 2/3 cycles of holes will create a fine and elegant look, not generally associated with the fur effect. A high number of cycles will create volume and softness, giving character and visibility to the garment. Choosing a fine or thick stitch will also change the space actually occupied by the decorative element. Elegant and refined or vibrant, expansive and irrepressible garments can accommodate fur stitch edges.    

If your journey is leading you in search of someone to oversee the creation and supply of handcrafted trimmings such as edges, ribbons, for edging or the original fur stitch MANIFATTURA MODENESE is at your service.

We offer you tailor-made solutions.  We ensure that your idea is implemented in the best way possible and according to your expectations. Our company accompanies you through every step in the creation of special and high quality trimmings, including the choice of material and yarn, the design of the piece and the actual creation of all the elements necessary to complete your collection.

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