The cheerful face of trimmings

POM-POMS and coloured tassels have represented the true trends of summer fashion in recent years. Used by the biggest brands and by the most refined fashion houses, they have been a must have in the wardrobes of influencers, teenagers and female fashion icons, enriching edges, collars, cuffs, shoes, sandals, accessories, belts, bags, caftans, bikinis, tricot, shorts and many other items of clothing with moving elements.

Freedom, imagination, carefree, pom-poms are the true protagonists of a graceful and carefree way of living life. MANIFATTURA MODENESE delivers to large-scale distributors, fashion houses, stylists, seamstresses and creative sewing hobbyists, pom-poms of all kinds, made to measure and on request to give colour or character to your creations.

For information, clarifications, requests for quotes, prices, third party production of pom-poms, tassels, fringes, decorative ribbons with coloured and multicolour pom-poms, edges with hanging pom-poms and much more, do not hesitate to contact our company. We invite you to fill in the form or to contact us.


Irony and good humour: the “Groovy Granny” style

Pom-poms are the iconic element of the “Groovy Granny” style, literally a “fashionable granny” that the stylist Ken Downing has so defined in explaining the revenge and the explosive return to our catwalks of the pom-poms so widespread in the 1970s.

Response to the need for play down garments and clothing they gravitated from the great fashion catwalks to colour and enrich ordinary and everyday clothing items.

The pendant elements swing and create undulating movements as the wearer moves, widening and accompanying the movement. They create dances and vivacity in the image and in the expectations of the observer, attracting their attention. 

Shapes | Materials | Colours

How to use the pom-pom There are many interpretations made by top-ranking stylists and by the most well-known manufacturers. Contain its movement or encourage it? Claim space on the garment or enrich with timid single-colour pom-poms? Create cascades of pom-poms vertically or fringes and horizontal edges? A single pom-pom or a riot of fabric? Handcrafted trimmings have the advantage of being able to create this and much more starting from a design, an idea, a concept, a material.

Below you will find a number of proposals in our catalogue. You can explore it by clicking here.

  • Seam with pom-poms
  • Decorative ribbons with hanging pom-poms 
  • Elastic cotton pom-poms
  • Wool pom-poms
  • Mohair pom-poms
  • Variable and custom dimensions


Soft coloured balls that bring fun to any type of outfit. Choosing the most suitable production material for your application will allow you to create pom-poms suitable for the summer/spring season or the winter/autumn season. Here you can play with the material and fabrics and discover which ones are best suited to the pom-poms you want to produce.



MANIFATTURA MODENESE, a well-established company in the handcrafted made in Italy trimmings sector and one of the Italian ribbon makers, is at your disposal to create original trimmings for and with you and customised third party commissions. Don’t hesitate to contact us.