Trimmings worked with braid motif

Finely woven threads can give life to motifs of precious braid design. The fabric and yarn in cotton, linen or other material, skilfully worked, can be used as a seam cover, ornament and decoration for trendy and high fashion garments and clothes, furniture, upholstery and creative sewing. Among the proposals made by MANIFATTURA MODENESE you can request high braid, wavy braid, elastic braid and many other products.

You can request bespoke and personalised trimmings;  we will even make it using your own threads. We deal with third party production for large distributors and high fashion manufacturers. We offer small, medium and large productions. We are an artisan with production facilities based in Italy.  We can cope with the most demanding requests. Please contact us for information, to request prices and quotes and to show us the items you intend to produce. We invite you to browse our online catalogue if you wish to browse the vast world of our creations.


The simple lines of braids: a timeless antique motif

The braid is a recurring motif that touches many aspects of human culture and history. A simple crossing of several threads creates a harmony of movement that has always attracted man. Weaving is a natural activity which leads to the creation of a clear, ordered, designed and constructed path. Despite the apparent discontinuity of the lines, the recurrence of the design remains evident and its continuity can be perceived even in the complexity of the weave. Braids have always been attractive decorations. Man has always associated them with decorum, beauty and complex situations and rituals.

Today braids, timeless figures, adorn our clothes, our homes, upholstery and furniture, in its simplest and most complex forms.

At our manufacturing plant, you will have the opportunity to create your weave and request its large-scale production. We look forward to your contact to provide you with all the information, clarifications, prices and quotes on our proposals.

Finish with elegance

There are many shapes that can be created by weaving threads. From softer, rounder and more delicate lines to high braids with a determined and disruptive character. Thanks to the skilful use of this decorative element, it is possible to embellish clothing, bags, accessories, footwear and furnishing items, adding a touch of unique elegance and sophistication. Thanks to MANIFATTURA MODENESE, you can apply braided trimmings to your garments, turning them into interesting and trendy items. The fabric worked with a braid pattern will then be suitable to also act as a seam cover and to perform ornamental functions for furnishing accessories and sophisticated seats.


Shapes | Materials | Colours

In creating braids, there are endless possible combinations. Designs, materials and colours can be mixed or standardised to easily create new and original elements. We offer you the possibility to create your own weave and to produce the necessary quantity to enhance your garments. Our product range includes:

  • High braids
  • Cotton braids
  • Wool braids
  • Multicolour braids
  • Lycra braids
  • Faux leather braids

MANIFATTURA MODENESE deals with customized, tailor-made trimmings for large-scale distribution but also for small craftsmen and hobbyists in the sector. After communicating your needs, we will provide you with our tools for creating braids and trimmings. For information, clarifications, quotes and orders, please contact us.